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Become A Seller

Join our Affiliate Program and start generating revenue from your site. By promoting products from , you will be offering your customers unique personalized products they will love to give and receive! 

What is an Affiliate Program? 

An affiliate program allows websites, blogs and more to earn money by placing links that go directly to a merchant’s website. When a customer clicks on our link from your site and places an order, you earn a commission on that sale! You don’t need a website to promote the program. You can send an email to friends or put it in classifieds. Wherever you wish. 

Benefits of Our Program 

  • Lifetime Commissions Imagine promoting once and receive ongoing passive income for years for 1 simple link or banner today! Yes, that’s right! Let’s say you put the link or banner on Craigslist. Someone 6 months from now sees it, clicks on sit and as long as you have not been suspended, that referral is yours! And you probably forgot about the link! 
  • Partnering with one of the leading online retailers of Commission starting at 10% for sales generated from your site. In some cases, immediate payouts 
  • Ongoing promotions that encourage customers to purchase 
  • Ongoing bonuses for you
  • Commissions paid almost immediately. We find no reason to  withhold money you have earned. They will be sent via PayPal.
  • A dashboard for you you to track your performance, view earnings, retrieve your referral URL, find creatives, and more!
  • Choose pretty URLs or non-pretty. You can use your unique Affiliate ID or WordPress username in URLs.

We offer generous promotions to help generate traffic to from your site. We also provide you with a large selection of image links and text links to use on your site.  Please sign up for our newsletter for great tips and promotions to sell more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How and when do I get paid? 

A. Payments will be made once you’ve $1. 

Q. What if my Website is not completed or is “under construction” ? 

A. It’s not a problem. We understand not everyone uses a website. You don’t need a website to promote. We just ask that you don’t do what people would consider to be spam.

Q. Where do I find the banners?

A. Choose from any of the ones on this page Affiliate Banner