How To Write An Amazing Review

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If you’re new to writing reviews or are just looking for new ideas, here are some that I used when I blogged.


1. Know the company

Know the company and who they are. What do they sell? Who is their target audience? What is their story? Why did you chose this company?

2. Show, don’t just tell
Don’t just talk about your product, show it! Take photos or videos and show your readers. Did you give it to your mom for Mothers Day? Did she love it?
Compare the product with other products you have seen out there and why did you chose this one? Size, shape, material, what does it come with are some key things to write about.

3. Know your readers 
Remember, your readers think of you as their friend and they want you to think the same.
Why did you chose this product over a different product from another company?Why do readers read your reviews? What do they want to hear you say? Tell them about the product like you would to your best friend.


4. What does the company want you to mention? This is very important. Companies have certain guidelines. They’ve seen all kinds of reviews and they know what works or what they need.